"The night is young and there are many questions."
The Colonel, "The Chimes of Big Ben".


To serve as the world's largest online source of information about the iconic 60’s T.V. series ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Danger Man’.
To provide information about the above, Patrick McGoohan, the cast and crew of both series, the village of Portmeirion in which filming took place and all official and independent ‘Prisoner’ related activities, books, events, and news.
To support Ty Gobaith, a children's hospice in North Wales, by donating profits raised by the Unmutual Website's online sales or events to them.
The Unmutual Website is not a fan club, Society, or group. It is a free online resource.

1. What is "The Unmutual Website"?

"The Unmutual Website", or "TUW", is dedicated to the 1960s TV series "The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan, and the Village of Portmeirion, where the series was filmed. Its aim is to be an "online magazine" for all things Prisoner, including the latest news, photos, links, information about the series, Patrick McGoohan and other cast and crew, plus providing a place for all the talent and discussion in Prisoner fandom to be collated (such as artwork, articles, etc).

The Unmutual is not any sort of club, society, or group. It is just a website. No membership is required to read or contribute to the website, attend any events organised by it or advertised on it.

In 2005 it was decided that all profits from any events or fundraising activities organised by The Unmutual Website should be donated to Ty Gobaith Children's Hospice. So far as of 2013 well over £3000 has been raised, with all accounts/balances/costs placed online the public domain, along with receipts of payment to the hospice.

The name "Unmutual" comes from The Prisoner episode "A Change of Mind" - it's basic meaning in the episode is for someone/thing who is still free-thinking and individual.

The website is independent of any organisation and was created by Lew Stringer in 2002 to enable Prisoner fans to keep in touch with Prisonerdom and have the ability to read about events, news and merchandise without having to join such an organisation and spend money. "The Unmutual" was also the name of a small-scale paper-based newsletter created for the same purpose, which ran for 6 issues 2002-2005. In October 2004, the running of The Unmutual website was taken over by Rick Davy. The Unmutual Website also has a Facebook page at

The Unmutual Website is not connected in any way to the forum or any other web page, web site, or domain using the name Unmutual.

2. Who are "The Unmutuals"?

Put simply, as a body or group or Society, they do not exist. "Unmutuals" is a term derived from "The Prisoner" series to mean "free thinking individuals". Whilst many people may describe themselves as "unmutual" in spirit (IE non-conformist), there is no "Unmutual" group or collection of people called "The Unmutuals". There is no "Unmutual Society".

3. So what's good about this website as opposed to others?

The beauty of The Unmutual Website is that anyone can contribute. You do not need to join a Society, send any money, you don't even have to use your name if you don't want to!

Every official outlet of "Prisoner" appreciation in recent years has worked in conjunction with The Unmutual Website. Network DVD launched their official DVDs at TUW's PM2007 event, all recent official books (such as Robert Fairclough's Prisoner Script Books and Leslie Glen's "Prisoner Interrogations") have launched in conjunction with The Unmutual. Official events such as TUW/Prizbiz's PM events in Portmeirion and the 2013 British Film Institute Patrick McGoohan season were also ran in conjunction with this website. None of the above official activities and other official outlets of "Prisoner" appreciation have been run in conjunction with other "Prisoner" websites or the disgraced fan club Six of One.

The Unmutual Website has over 4000 e-subscribers to website updates and as of September 2013 receives over 5000 "hits" on average per week.

4. Who are Six of One?

Six of One is the name of a disgraced "Prisoner Appreciation Society". Whilst the Society from 1977-2001 was a great and well respected organisation with 3000+ members at times, it is now a morally bankrupt embarrassment to fandom (with only a few hundred remaining members) and dreadful value for money. Put simply, it is the view of the vast majority of "Prisoner" fans (50,000 people have been members of Six of One, over 49,500 no longer wish to be members) that they are no longer deserving of support. Ongoing (as of 2013) immoral and illegal acts (including the secret taping of a magazine editor in his home, the attacking of charity fundraising events, refusal to publish their accounts and much more) purpotrated by current/2013 coordination team of the Society has led to countless numbers of members quitting in disgust. This is not just "fan rumour". A website has been set up outlining all the despicable actions of those who run the Society. All individuals not fully aware of the facts should visit to furnish themselves of the truth regarding the Society.

A Prisoner Appreciation Society is no longer relevant. What should such a Society provide for its members? Information about the series, the chance to meet like-minded individuals, the chance to find out about new books and merchandise, and the chance to attend events. It is the opinion of most Prisoner fans that one doesn't need to start a Society or Magazine to provide all of this.

For information on the series there are a wealth of books, online forums, newsgroups and websites. With a few clicks of the mouse button one can have all the information about the show one could possibly need. This information, of course, is also free.

One does not need to be a member of a Society to learn about new items or events, as this website proves (and, indeed, Six of One themselves often refuse to promote most official events and publications). Thus, everything any Society could provide can be better provided by individuals *outside* of such a Society. Thus, Prisoner fans get everything they need without all the problems (and costs) that come with joining Societies.

5. I have lots of questions regarding The Prisoner. Are the answers at TUW?

Some are, but not all. A Prisoner-specific FAQ is currently under construction.

6. Can I email questions, articles, and reviews to The Unmutual?

We are always on the lookout for new news, articles, reviews and links but please email us first (via our contact page) before emailing any images or large documents to us.

If anyone is organising an independent Prisoner event, writing a book on the series, or an article, launching a website, or is involved in anything similar connected with the series, please contact us for possible inclusion in the links section and publicity on the news page.

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