Vehicle/Series Info: Rick Davy. Photos: Paul Boxmeyer. Additional info: Paul Bradshaw, Martin Freed, and Jason Skufca.

IN THE PRISONER: This is the vehicle in which the regressed Number Six gets stopped for speeding by The Butler in "Once Upon a Time". It can also be seen in various Village-based scenes, most notably as a tractor used to pull various electrics trucks at slow speed around The Village ("in an emergency, we walk!").

IN REALITY: Two different mowers/vehicles were used.

Portmeirion sequences: The vehicle is a converted Bolens Rider Mower (1965 model). Links to various sites of interest for Bolens vehicles can be found at Specifically, writes Jason Skufca, "it's called a "Lawn Keeper". They made three versions of this tractor; the Lawn Keeper, the Estate Keeper and the Grounds Keeper. the Lawn keeper being the smallest. The one in The Prisoner looks to be a mostly stock 1964 or 65. The only thing I can see that they changed was removed the mower deck attachement that would have been on the front. It looks like they may have also removed the Bolens script that would have been on the front and of course added the Prisoner canopy."


Once Upon a Time swpeeding sequences: Following research by Martin Freed, after discovering that the modifications to the mower for the episode did not match that of a 'Lawn Keeper', this vehicle appears to be a converted Suburban Mower, also from Bolens.


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