Photo: Marc Gerges at Text: Rick Davy.

IN THE PRISONER: In the episode "A, B & C", Number Six and "A" (played by Peter Bowles) ride through the streets of Paris (back projected) and have a punch up over the bonnet of a white saloon car.

IN REALITY: The Citroen DS was launched in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show - with an astonishing 12000 cars being ordered/sold by the end of the day. The body was possibly more sleek and aerodynamic that any car seen before, and the interior matched this stylish and futuristic design. The body was designed by Bertoni, and the car a was mid-engined front-wheel drive with fully independent suspension. It was the first car to make use of air vents, rather than opening quarterlights, and had a semi-automatic gearbox. The DS was built in Slough in the UK from 1957 to 1966, during which time the car received 2 face lifts.

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