Photo: Number 66. Text: Rick Davy.

IN THE PRISONER: In "The Girl Who Was Death", Number Six, in a Lotus Elan, follows Death (Justine Lord) from a Funfair to the village of Witchwood, who is driving a Jaguar.

IN REALITY: As with Porsche and Ferrari, Jaguar’s success is similarly down to one man - William Lyons. Lyons began his career designing and manufacturing motorcycle side cars in the 1920s. As his ambitions grew, Lyons began manufacturing his own car, with his own chassis and body, based upon the popular Austin and Morris vehicles of the time.

Starting with the SS100, he moved on to the popular XK120, XK140 and then XK150 models, all of which sold in their thousands. The XK150 was succeeded by E-type Jaguar in 1961. The car once recorded a top speed of 150mph, the fastest production sports car of the time. Over 70,000 E-types left the factory up until 1975.

The car can be seen in the Episode "The Girl Who Was Death" as the car driven by Death (Justine Lord). The model used has the registration number 3815 DG.

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