Introducing ‘The Village Telephone'.   Author: C.J.

As a long-time collector of vintage telephones and an even longer time fan of The Prisoner, a ‘Village Telephone' has always been high on the ‘want' list.  It took quite some time to track down the boxed pair which eventually became a part of my collection.

Adapted for production use, the model of telephone (intercom) selected for what was to become the iconic Village telephone is in fact an Interphone VL-290. To make this unusual design even more futuristic for the show, the cabling was removed, giving it the appearance of a truly cordless telephone.  Often held with the cord exit hole away from camera, if you look carefully during it's appearance in some scenes you can see a small hole to the left side of the phone where the cord would have originally been inserted.

Manufactured in a two tone grey colourway, this is the original factory finish which can been seen when Number 6 first uses the Village telephone in Episode 1, Arrival. The third image below shows a close up of an Interphone (from my collection).

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