By Rick Davy. With thanks to John Christopher, Sam Denham, and the members of the 'The Prisoner and Portmeirion' Facebook group. Photos (c) John Christopher unless stated,

There have been several jigsaw puzzles produced over the years featuring Portmeirion, and also The Prisoner, from a variety of manufacturers. The below is a non-exhaustive selection, please do contact TUW if you know of more!

Gibsons. 68 x 49cm

Wentworth wooden. 17.5 x 12 cm.

Portmeirion from a watercolour by Kevin Robinson. 500 pieces. 48cm x 35 cm.

Arrow 2000 pieces (MB produced a 500-piece version, below).

Fame 500 pieces.

Fame 1000 pieces.

Falcon 1000 pieces.

Majestic 1500 pieces.

MB 500 pieces.

JR Puzzles, with flipped image! 500 pieces.

MB 5000 pieces.

Portmeirion 1000 pieces.

Portmeirion wooden puzzle, 350 pieces.

Ravensburger 1000 pieces.

Talisman 200 pieces.

Waddingtons 500 pieces.

Whitman Elite 300 pieces. (photo Rick Davy)

Lais (Germany) 1000 pieces.

Portmeirion Village, artwork jigsaw, (1000 pieces)


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