In August 2005, The Unmutual Website and PrizBiz arranged PM2005 (pictured left), a Portmeirion and Granada sanctioned independent event which raised over £1000 for charity.

In October 2005, the latest mailing from Six of One, the Prisoner Appreciation Society, "reviewed" the event (even though the reviewer did not attend) and made a number of false claims, unfounded slurs, and incorrect statements regarding both the event and its organisers.

No mention is made of any item of the event schedule, or the charity fundraising, or the event's Granada-sanctioned status in their "review". Instead, the column is used solely to make an unnecessary ad hominem attack on the organisers. We find it astounding that a Society supposedly appreciating The Prisoner should behave in this way, especially towards an event which raised so much money for terminally ill children.

Whilst The Unmutual Website usually prefers to ignore comments from the Society, on this occasion we feel it important to set the record straight and have been advised legally to do so. Here is an official statement in response to the remarks made by Six of One:


In their attempt to dismiss PM2005, Six of One make no mention of the event raising money for charity, or the amount raised. They also claim it to have been an "indoor event" (no mention of the guided tour, or Village locations quiz), and "organised by some former members" (rather than co-organised by experienced ex-coordinators and the co-founder of Six of One along with persons who have never been members of the Society).

The review also fails to mention that PM2005 had approval from Granada Ventures to screen copyright material, or the high profile nature of the guests. For instance, Peter Graham Scott is the only Prisoner Director to have ever attended a Portmeirion event. Rather than mention this, in the opening paragraph of their "review" they restrict their comments to "no actors were 'on the bill'." It is the view of PM2005 that The Prisoner was made possible by a fine crew of highly skilled and experienced professionals who worked behind the scenes. Their memories of the time are, along with the stories told by the actors, a crucial insight into the creation and understanding of The Prisoner.

Six of One state then that, "it was disappointing to see the event being used to criticise Six of One." As the event was held independently of the Society, at no point before, during, or after the event were Six of One mentioned, either positively or negatively, within any event literature or at the event itself by the organisers or presenters, as we're sure all the attendees can testify.

Six of One also state, "The organisers chose to supply no information". This was deliberate, as Six of One are now largely irrelevant to 21st Century Prisoner Appreciation and we did not want the event associated with them due to their poor reputation. However, coordinator Geoff Lake was aware of the event as he had previously mentioned it to an attendee and asked that they passed on his best wishes for a successful event. Interesting that (see below) they are able to monitor ebay auctions so closely, yet missed all the advanced PM2005 event advertising on the internet, including a high profile news feature on Portmeirion's own website together with contact details.

Six of One later state, "It is likely that the negative comments emanating from PM 2005, made by it's organisers, would have been equally unacceptable to the event's invited guests and Portmeirion". As stated above, we can find no positive or negative mention of Six of One by any of the organisers in any PM2005 literature.

They also later claim, "As far as Six of One is concerned, we are pleased that there should occasionally be more in the way of Prisoner-based events, as we do not have the resources to arrange gatherings on a more frequent basis. In the case of the only other such event in recent years, a screening in London by the McGuffin society, we were able to give details of this in our mailings and on our websites, as information was provided to us."

Despite this claim, Six of One attempted to sabotage this McGuffin event, and they make no mention of the countless other independent Prisoner events which have taken place since 2002. It is also noteworthy that, despite their supposed "1000 members", they admit that they cannot hold more regular events because they "do not have the resources" (despite their website claim that a subscription to Six of One will bring Conventions, Location visits, Roadshow events, and a January 6th party with props and guests)!

Amazingly, they then state, "The same could have been done for PM 2005, had the organisers chosen to be positive instead of negative and we could even have helped improve their ticket sales." As PM2005 was a complete sell-out, with all tickets sold (the maximum permitted by Health and Safety), we are unsure how ticket sales could have been improved, and what these negative comments from PM2005 are supposed to be.

Six of One's main claim is that a PM2005 event programme auction for charity (although Six of One do not mention the charity aspect) on ebay after the event, listed by event organiser Rick Davy, described Six of One as "disgraced". In reality, no such word was used (accurate description though it would have been). It also claims that items subsequently listed were linked to PM2005 (they were not), and that ebay removed these items because of the above-mentioned content, resulting in account suspension. Whilst an item of 1990s Prisoner merchandise being privately sold, unconnected to PM2005, was removed, ebay subsequently overturned the decision, and replied, "We have reviewed your items and it appears the item in question was removed by mistake. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused. All related fees were credited for the original listing, and you will need to relist the item for it to show up in the search results and receive new bids. Again, we apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate you taking the time to work with us on this issue." A subsequent email from ebay stated, "Your account should not have been suspended, therefore it has now been reinstated."

The "review" clearly doesn't cover the event. No guests are mentioned by name, and not one single item on the schedule is reviewed, making it obvious the reporter was not present. Instead, the column is used solely to make an unnecessary ad hominem attack on the organisers. It is therefore Six of One who are being "negative" in trying to sabotage the goodwill of a very "positive" charity event.

PM2005 would like to apologise for having to issue this statement, but felt it was important to correct the false statements published by Six of One with a view to ensuring that any future events or charity fundraising run under TUW's banner are not soiled by these unfounded and unpleasant remarks. The Unmutual Website, and its events, does not wish to be associated in any way (now, or in the future) with Six of One's vile comments.

Comments from many attendees, the 3 Prisoner guests, and Hope House Hospice, thanking us for the event can be found HERE. Similar events are planned for 2006. It is astounding that a Society supposedly appreciating The Prisoner should behave in this way, especially towards an event which raised so much money for terminally ill children.

News Announced 6/10/2005, Archived 27/1/2006