More details have emerged regarding the crop of new Prisoner and related books that are being published in 2004 and 2005.
The Prisoner: The Original Scripts Volume One was to have been published this Spring, but it has now been rescheduled until later this year. Published by Reynolds and Hearn, this is the first of a two-volume set (Volume Two is now scheduled for 2005). Edited by Robert Fairclough, the books will contain the original scripts for each episode, issued to the production team before changes were made during filming and editing. As well as screenplays for 'Arrival' through to 'Dance of the Dead', Volume 1 will include George Markstein's outline for the series as well as a biography of the Script Editor, the full script for the unmade episode 'The Outsider' by Moris Farhi, details of storylines submitted by the production team and a foreword by Lewis Greifer. Each script has been extensively annotated with detailed footnotes.

Danger Man: The Official Companion to the classic TV Series written by Robert Fairclough and published by PopCo is now scheduled for publication in Spring 2005. Its 240 pages tell the full story of Patrick McGoohan's often overlooked espionage series.The book includes an analysis of each of the 86 episodes and the feature-length movie Koroshi, new interviews with Philip Broadley, Brian Clemens, Peter Graham Scott, Frank Maher and other members of the production team, previously unpublished photographs, a profile of the show's composer Ted Astley and a comprehensive merchandise section.
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Over in the USA, Powys Media are launching their first Prisoner novel this Spring, with 'The Prisoners Dilemma' by Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth. The story is described thus: "The Prisoner comes up against another individual, who has an agenda all her own, and some extreme methods. Do the Village's masters expect him to trust her -- or destroy her?"

The second new Prisoner novel, 'The Other' by Doctor Who novellist Lance Parkin is scheduled for the Summer. Parkin is one of the most successful writers to come out of the Doctor Who book range. He topped Doctor Who Magazine 's annual book poll in 1996, 1997, and 2001, and has written both audio-plays and reference books for the range. He has worked as a storyliner for Emmerdale , and is now writing the comic book Miranda for Comeuppance Comics . In 'The Prisoner: The Other', Number Six finds that hes no longer the star prisoner of the Village, as a new arrival takes their priority and Number Six has to deal with just being one of the crowd.

Another Prisoner novel, to appear in 2005, will be written by Nebula award winning SF author Robert Sheckley.
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