The Unmutual Website is always delighted to be informed of new projects which whilst not directly related to "The Prisoner", Patrick McGoohan, or Portmeirion, nevertheless are influenced by the series and have Prisoneresque elements to them.

Not one but two of those have arrived in TUW's virtual in-tray this week in the form of two new novels by writers well known to TUW readers!

Simon Wells' "The Tripping Horse" is described by the author as "an odyssey of discovery that takes a person from a rather mundane place to somewhere completely outside of their zone - both physically and mentally."

Continues Simon; "As a Prisoner fan - I always wanted to write something that was in a sense similar in theme to McGoohan's own journey. I think those of us
who've come through The Prisoner experience, are aware that a large part of the story was played out in McGoohan's mind, and that the nightmare exists within us!
The book is really an exposition of some of the things I've witnessed
along the way and while there's no bouncing balls or piped blazers, there's many things that wouldn't be out of place in "A. B & C" or "Fall Out"!

Also available, this time from the pen of Carmel Morris, is the two-part "The Chronokey" series of young-adult SF books, the 2nd part of which has Prisoneresque elements!

Both Simon and Carmel's work can be found on Amazon, simply click HERE and enter the book titles and charity will receive 5% of sales at NO cost to you.

With thanks to Simon Wells and Carmel Morris for this news item.