By Rick Davy. With thanks to John Christopher, Peter Dunn, June Sheard, Dave Jones, and the members of the 'The Prisoner and Portmeirion' Facebook group. All photos (c) Rick Davy unless stated.

There have been several models of Portmeirion buildings produced over the years, from a variety of manufacturers. The below is a non-exhaustive selection, please do contact TUW if you know of more!

The below ceramic/clay models were produced by Philip Laureston, circa late 70s early 80s.

The Laureston Collection (photo: June Sheard).

A further experimental model was also produced, but it is not known if there were more than one made.

Photo (c) Unknown source.

A guide to many of Laureston's models can be found HERE.

Moulds from those were then used to create wax models in the mid-1980s, which were sold in the Prisoner shop in Portmeirion.

In the 1990s, sculptor Marcus Quincey produced several highly-detailed ceramic models of Village buildings.

Marcus would also produce a model of the entire village.

Marcus also sculpted ceramic figurines of 'Prisoner' actors Patrick McGoohan, Leo McKern, and Angelo Muscat.

'The Portmeirion Collection' was a series of five models produced by Portmeirion and sold from the 1990s until the mid 2010s.

In the late 2010's, Pigeon Guard Games produced wooden model kits of a variety of 'Prisoner' items, including a Gloriette model in large 28mm (1/56th) scale.

They also produce models of the Infomat, Telephone Kiosk, Dome Interior and Control panel, and Rover, many of which (along with the Gloriette model kit) are still available for sale at The Village Shop at

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