The Unmutual Reviews: Charmed Life by Roger Langley

Review by Nigel Kitcher.

This "novel" is one of a series of "fan fiction" books written by this author and loosely based on the characters and plots from the classic 1960s TV series "The Prisoner".

Although looking as if printed by a local printer rather than a proper publishing house it does has a nice glued spine, rather than cheap looking staples, and the cover looks almost professional if a tad black and white and bland.

After opening the book I found it very hard to read. From a technical point of view the chosen typeface or the line spacing do not assist reading, and from a creative view the style of writing and grammar makes it very difficult to stay focused on the plot or have any feelings for the characters. The author clearly lacks the passion or writing skills for fiction, and perhaps should have stayed with being a part time "writer" producing factual articles for the "Prisoner-esque" fan club.

The book is a bit of a rarity now having only been available to members of the "fan club" or via the old "Prisoner" shop in Portmeirion (the location of the original series).

All said as a collectable item it does command a good price when compared with other and much more readable Prisoner novels by professionals such as that by the late Thomas M Disch.

However, do not be fooled by copies being sold as "excellent/mint condition" as I doubt whether any "well thumbed" copies of "Charmed Life" actually exist. Mine certainly wasn't!


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