The Unmutual Reviews: Earl Cameron 90th Birthday Tribute.
Review by Brian Watson

On the evening on 10th September 2007, The Baha'i Community of Great Britain held a reception at their International Study Centre in Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London, to celebrate Earl Cameron's 90th birthday.

On behalf of The Unmutual Website, Rick Davy and Brian Watson attended, as did Tony Sloman and his son and other guests from the entertainment industry, as well as Earl's wife Barbara and other members of Earl's family, and friends and other representatives of the Baha'i faith.

Many tributes were paid to Earl for his work in a long career in which he had chosen only roles that showed black people in a positive and balanced way, avoiding any part that he felt unfairly stereotyped them into what he called "Uncle Tom's Cabin" people.

In a video presentation, excepts were shown from The Message, a film about the life of the prophet Mohammed in which Earl played Annajashi - the leader of the Christian community negotiating with the Muslims in the face of opposition from representatives of other faiths, and the James Bond film Thunderball that Earl made with his friend Sean Connery. In that, he was Pinder - an agent working with Bond.

The film excepts ended with Earl as the portrait painter in the recent film The Queen, discussing with Helen Mirren (as Queen Elizabeth II) the British electoral system!

The video tribute concluded with a heartfelt tribute to Earl from Sydney Poitier, and the presentation to Earl of a portrait of himself. It is one of a series that have been commissioned in recognition of his practical work towards mutual respect and understanding between peoples.

In all, it was a very moving yet upbeat affair to acknowledge the man and his life's work.

Brian Watson

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