Many of these models are available for sale in kit form at The Village Shop HERE!

Si's Soldiers is a gaming-related model site which is now home to various completed and ongoing Prisoner-related projects, which as well as creating new models from scratch, also utilise existing gaming models for adaption into the 'Prisonerverse'.

In 2016 this reached a fantastic new level with the release of special model kits of Portmeirion / Village buildings.

2019 release: The Living Space:

March 2018 releases: The phone kiosk, and the Control Area:

December 2016 release: The 'Info Mat':

Info mat is 28mm scale again (which is 1/56th) and designed to fit in with both our gloriette model and Rovers, as well as all 28mm Pulp/sci fi figures and of course the 1/43 scale Mini mokes. They come in Kit form, a laser cut MDF frame with a frame of laser cut silver card, and a frame of printed laser cut card assembled with water reduced PVA glue, a very simple build. It has printed sections so it is possibe to build it without need for paint,

Earlier in 2016 their first release was a superbly accurate and detailed Gloriette model, 1:56 scale (28mm scale).

The model is on sale in The Unmutual Website's Village Shop, at Portmeirion, and from the Si's Soldiers website at HERE.

Please note the above model comes as an unpainted and unmade kit, complete with instructions and advice (which is also available at the website) on how to construct and decorate.



Si's models and restorations/conversions are superb, and TUW is delighted to announce that work on several Portmeirion buildings is now in its early stages! Click HERE to see more of Si's models and his website.

Many of these models are available for sale in kit form at The Village Shop HERE!

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