Photos: Helen Weathers/Rick Davy/Nigel Kitcher. Location/Series Info: Rick Davy. With thanks to Stephen Moore and Ivor Jones.

IN THE PRISONER: Just before Number Six returns to his London home in "Many Happy Returns" (after his encounter with the photographer), he is seen walking accross a square past a large statue of a Stag.

IN REALITY: This is Stag Place, London, SW1 and is accross the street and a short walk from Number Six's London Home in Buckingham Place. The flats seen at the end of the opening titles are also found here. The Stag statue itself was removed in 1997 and the square was occupied after this for some time by an office development (see photo below), apparently including the HQ building of Stag Brewery, who produce Budweiser Budvar for the UK market from their plant in Mortlake.

In circa 2015 the site was then re-developed as a small shopping mall (see bottom photo), with an odd obelisk at the approximate site of the original stag.

This location forms part of the twice-yearly Prisoner Location Walkabouts (details on our events page).

The actual stag statue now stands at the Lockmeadow Centre in Maidstone, Kent, complete with a plaque explaining the original site of the statue (the bottom row of images on this page show the statue in its new location - news story regarding it's interim storage HERE).


The Stag in the early 1990s.

Early 2000s office re-development.













The Stag Stutue, now in Maidstone.

The location as of 2022.


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