All profits from The Unmutual Website and its events are donated to Ty Gobaith hospice for terminally-ill children, in Conwy (North Wales).

So far, we have raised a total of £5993.88, which comprises of the following.

PM2005 Event: £1042.48

PM2006 Event: £1045.09

PM2007 Event: £630.18

PM2008 Event: £506.29

Ebay/website sales and 2012 Mind Mash: £323.75

2013 donation and sale: £50

2015 donation including Mind Mash proceeds £300

On 19/8/2005, a cheque for £1042.48 was sent to Ty Gobaith, with a further cheque for £1045.09 sent on 22/8/2006, £630.18 on 6/9/2007, 323.75 on 22/11/12, 50 on 02/10/12, £300 on 01/12/15.

A cheque for £410 representing profit-to-date from the 'Fifty Years of The Prisoner' event at Elstree (details HERE), which included online sales and donations prior to the event, was sent on 20/2/18. Further payments were sent totalling £443.32 as profits from other 2018 events and online sales. In 2019 further payments totalling £306.24 were sent. 18/12/19 £53.14 donated via Amazon.

7/7/2020 and 01/01/2021 £96.19 plus £787.20 was donated by Amazon.

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