Photos Dave Healey, Rick Davy and Darren Stokes. Location/Series Info: Dave Healey, Al Samujh & Rick Davy.

IN THE PRISONER: In "The Girl Who Was Death", this location is featured during a sequence where Number Six receives his instructions from Potter as the Girl looks on from the window of the shop.

IN REALITY: This is "Lady M", later re-named "Velda", in Shenley Road, Borehamwood. This location in Hertfordshire was near to the MGM studios in Borehamwood where much of the series was filmed. It is shown firstly in 1991 before the signs were covered up and when it looked pretty much as it did in the series. It is presented from different angles and perspectives, finally featuring an invasion of Prisoner fans. It was re-opened as "Night n Day" (a lingerie shop) in 1992. The next image is from 1999 and depicts Prisoner fans Darren Stokes and Chris Riley re-enacting the scene. Another refit came in 2001 when the shop was refurbished as an estate agent, the second to last image taken July 2005. Since then, the shop has been turned into a restaurant (see last photo).

The shop also appeared in the 'The Saint' episode 'The Scorpion', when it was a larger store called 'Bernards'.








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