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With the passing of Patrick McGoohan in January 2009, admirers of his work are probably curious as to what is available to see of his many film and television appearances. Interest is also high due to several DVD releases within recent years. Therefore, the following list is a "quick-reference" guide for anyone interested in acquiring a particular McGoohan appearance, or to just get an overall idea of the percentage of his work that is available for home viewing.

This article is based upon McGoohan's entry from the Internet Movie Database (, and is not intended to be an in-depth filmography. Any readers wanting more information on individual titles (such as plot summaries, character names, co-stars, etc.) are advised to refer to McGoohan's IMDb entry itself.

The productions are arranged in chronological order, with only the year of original release shown for reference (in order to keep the list as streamlined as possible). This list is limited only to home video releases from North America and Great Britain. A key explaining the layout can be found at the end of the entries below.

01 You Are There: "The Fall Of Parnell" (1954)
02 Moby Dick Rehearsed (1955)
03 PASSAGE HOME (1955) [R2] purchase here
04 THE DAM BUSTERS (1955) [R1,R2]
05 Margin For Error (1955)
06 I AM A CAMERA (1955) [R2]
07 The Dark Avenger (1955) ***
08 The Makepeace Story: "The Ruthless Destiny" (1955)
09 The Vise: "Gift From Heaven" (1955) ***
10 The Adventures of Aggie: "Spanish Sauce" (1956)
11 THE ADVENTURES OF SIR LANCELOT: "The Outcast" (1956) [R2]
12 ZARAK (1956) [R1]
13 Assignment Foreign Legion: "The Coward" (1957)
14 The Adventures of Aggie: "Cock And Bull" (1957)
15 High Tide At Noon (1957) ***
16 HELL DRIVERS (1957) [R2]
17 THE GYPSY AND THE GENTLEMAN (1958) [R2] purchase here
18 ITV Play Of The Week: "The Iron Harp" (1958)
19 The Vise: "Blood In The Sky" (1958)
20 ITV Play Of The Week: "All My Sons" (1958)
21 ITV Play Of The Week: "Disturbance" (1958)
22 This Day In Fear (1958) ***
23 ITV Television Playhouse: "Rest In Violence" (1958)
24 Nor The Moon By Night [aka Elephant Gun] (1958) ***
25 ARMCHAIR THEATRE: "THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD" (1958) [R2] details here / purchase here
26 ITV Play Of The Week: "The Big Knife" (1958)
27 ITV Play Of The Week: "A Dead Secret" (1959)
28 ITV Play Of The Week: "Shadow Of A Pale Horse" (1959)
29 BRAND (1959) [R1,R2]
30 Tales Of The Vikings: "The Barbarian" (series 1 episode 36) (1960)
31 DANGER MAN (39 episodes, 1960-61) [R1,R2] purchase here
32 ARMCHAIR THEATRE: "THE MAN OUT THERE" (1961) [R2] purchase here
33 Two Living, One Dead (1961) ***
34 ITV PLAY OF THE WEEK: "Sergeant Musgrave's Dance" (1961) [R2]
35 Rendezvous: "The Hanging Of Alfred Wadham" (1961)
36 Rendezvous: "The Executioner" (1961)
37 ALL NIGHT LONG (1961) [R1,R2]
39 THE QUARE FELLOW (1962) [R1,R2]

40 ITV Sunday Night Drama: "The Prisoner" (1963)
41 DR. SYN: THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH (3 episodes, 1964) [R1]
43 DANGER MAN [aka SECRET AGENT] (47 episodes, 1964-66) [R1,R2]
44 THE PRISONER (17 episodes, 1967-68) [R1,R2]
purchase here
45 Red Reflections (voice) (1967)
46 ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) [R1,R2]

47 JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS (1968) [R1] Purchase Here

48 The Moonshine War (1970) ***
49 MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (1971) [R1,R2]
50 COLUMBO: "By Dawn's Early Light" (1974) [R1,R2]
51 COLUMBO: "Identity Crisis" (1975) [R1,R2]
53 SILVER STREAK (1976) [R1]

55 Rafferty (13 episodes, 1977) *** Details here.
56 BRASS TARGET (1978) [R1] purchase here
58 THE HARD WAY (1980) [R2]
59 SCANNERS (1981) [R1,R2]

60 KINGS AND DESPERATE MEN (1981) [ntsc, pal]
61 JAMAICA INN (1982) [R2]
62 TRESPASSES [aka FINDING KATIE aka OMEN OF EVIL] (1984) [ntsc, pal]
64 THREE SOVEREIGNS FOR SARAH (3 episodes, 1985) [R1]
65 OF PURE BLOOD (1986) [pal, ntsc]
66 MURDER SHE WROTE: "Witness For The Defense" (1987) [R1,R2]
67 COLUMBO: "Agenda For Murder" (1990) [R1,R2]
68 THE BEST OF FRIENDS (1991) [R1]
69 BRAVEHEART (1995) [R1,R2]
70 THE PHANTOM (1996) [R1,R2]
71 A TIME TO KILL (1996) [R1,R2]

72 HYSTERIA (1997) [ntsc]
73 COLUMBO: "Ashes To Ashes" (1998) [R1, R2]
74 THE SIMPSONS: "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" (2000) [R1,R2]
75 TREASURE PLANET (voice) (2002) [R1,R2]

An entry in BOLD CAPITALS means that the title is/was available on an official, studio-released DVD. Region-coding is specified in brackets at the end of the entry ("R1" for North America, "R2" for Great Britain).

An entry in STANDARD CAPITALS means that the title was available at one time on an official, studio-released VHS videotape, but is currently not available on DVD. Videotape formats (NTSC for North America, PAL for the UK) are listed at the end of the entry where appropriate.

All official studio DVD releases supersede any previous VHS releases of the same title.

All remaining entries in regular type have never at any time been officially released on VHS or DVD. If unofficial copies are known to be floating around among collectors, this is specified by the symbol (***) at the end of the entry.

The VHS releases of the theatrical versions of DR. SYN and the DANGER MAN episode "Koroshi" are ignored, since they have been included on DVD sets for those respective series. Additionally, North American viewers should be aware that the Region 1 releases of BRAND and ALL NIGHT LONG are available only as part of large DVD box sets (the former, a collection of Ibsen plays; the latter, a collection of director Basil Dearden's early 1960s UK films).

This article attempts no distinction between "in-print" and "out-of-print" titles. It would be difficult to constantly keep track of when every DVD goes out of production. As a result, this list is only to state that a particular title was available at one time, and that it is up to the reader to search out that title for themselves if they are interested in acquiring it.

A good place to start is Amazon.

This article should be considered a "work-in-progress." Additions, corrections or suggestions are welcome for any future updates. Feel free to contact me, care of The Unmutual Website, if you have additional information on the titles listed here. Please include a source with your communication to let me know where you found your information, and also if you would like your name to be included in the acknowledgements of any updates.

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